Sogitec delivers technicians, pilots, inspectors, and support engineers with
technical data fine-tuned for any purpose and scope of works.

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FIELD™ first enables true paperless conversion of your maintenance organizations whatever your choices of PLM/CAD system, technical publishing software, documentation specifications, cloud infrastructure and devices (tablets/desktops/smartphones). Then it comprehensively streamlines tasks and relations by connecting people towards unrivalled 3D displays.

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The new generation of technical authoring apps brings a minimum 30% extra efficiency to writers’ and illustrators’ work. The DMU and PLM data are tailored to their needs. Useless rekeying tasks are suppressed, compliance checks and data transformation are automated. Fully integrated into your information system and adjusted to your own needs, the Boosters™ set you ready for the future.


HUMS (Health and Usage Monitoring System)

HUMS allows post-flight analysis of in-flight-recorded data. HUMS’ powerful computing capabilities assess structural fatigue, compute aircraft usage and help maintenance personnel troubleshoot faults for quick safety restoration and short interflight time. Sogitec HUMS is deployed and operated in the most demanding environments worldwide. Click here to learn more.



Sogitec proudly develops and updates ATA and S1000D technical manuals for more than 50 civil and military aircraft versions, whether in development, in production, or legacy. Not only our team of experts work in risk-sharing, international and competitive environments, they also demonstrate highest flexibility to tackle your challenges and meet your needs.